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Welcome to Harbourside Gift Shop, your haven for coastal-inspired treasures and cherished memories. Explore our curated collection, featuring an array of delights, from meticulously crafted ship models to indulgent fudge, delicate shells, captivating Scarborough and Yorkshire souvenirs, beach toys, and classic sticks of rock. Whether you're seeking a special gift or a memento of your seaside adventures, our shop offers something for everyone. Set sail with Harbourside Gift Shop today and uncover the charm of the coast.

Paua Shell Jewellery

We sell sustainably sourced New Zealand Paua shell jewellery. Our Tide Jewellery collection is ever growing and is both versatile & timeless. We include a broad range of designs to suit all tastes & occasions with a real emphasis on quality. Many of these designs are created in the UK, so look out for the Tide colour union flag.

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a seaside must

Souvenir Rock

Our traditional seaside rock is meticulously handcrafted in the UK, featuring the iconic SCARBOROUGH ROCK inscription running through the center of each bar

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Exclusive to us

Hairy Bob's™ Clothing

We have created a unique-to-Scarborough Clothing brand.
Check out our exclusive hoodies

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